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Sly Cooper text: Sly Cooper: Star lands home with a VERY plump pout! That mask keeps getting away! I could always rat you out to the Black Baron, then you'd be out of a job. If you can get me inside to one of Octavio's computers, I should be able to hack his firewall and get the dirt on his operation. Sly climbs to the second story of the castle, where he is just outside a room where a rabbit guard remains at attention and the Black Baron is pacing around.

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He is shown to be somewhat a germophobe, especially fearing the swamps of Mz.

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It was there that I met my lifelong friends. Uh, no, I'm not saying it's too much for Team Black Baron, no-no-no-no. Despite getting top scores at the Lumberjack Games Bentley is the least physically able member of the gang. Penelope was also the only character Bentley has shown even a small amount of insecurity over his disability to, and even admitted during the heist in Dead Men Tell No Tales that he wishes he had all of Sly's abilities, which implies that Bentley feels incredibly inferior to Sly's looks, abilities and family skills.

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